Mount Clear – Emmaus Catholic Primary School

Address: 1503 Geelong Road, Mount Clear VIC
Principal/s: Ethan Corfee
Phone: 0353302266
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

With the commencement of Emmaus, the newest Catholic primary school in Ballarat for close to 20 years, has come a genuine passion for a 'futures oriented' mode of education for the children in the broader Mt Clear, Mt Helen and Buninyong communities. The pathway to opening our school has been both exciting and at times challenging. There have been many hurdles to be overcome yet throughout the challenges, a dedicated and incredibly committed team of staff, parents and children have never lost faith that Emmaus will become an exemplar of modern education for the Ballarat Diocese.

The name 'Emmaus Catholic Primary School' allows us to reflect on our own faith stories. It encourages us to reflect on how we will continue to share the story of Jesus with our children and it frees us to realise that there will always be times of uncertainty, joy, confusion or even frustration in our own time together.

Like the disciples, we too, will walk with Jesus to create a school that is known in the Ballarat region for its care of children, its quality educational programs and its capacity to live Christian kindness in its day-to-day dealings with others.

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