St Malachy's School, Edenhope

Edenhope – St Malachy’s Primary School

Address: 34 Lake Street, Edenhope VIC
Principal/s: John O’Sullivan
Phone: 0355851396
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Malachy's Catholic Primary School is a small rural school in the West Wimmera shire. We offer a balanced curriculum providing learning opportunities for each child to develop his/her potential in a friendly and supportive environment. Teacher aide support allows students to receive one-on-one tuition and individualised learning plans where needed.

We are committed to student welfare focusing on the gospel values of faith, love, peace and hope. Our wellbeing programs are designed to build resilience, positive self esteem, empathy, co-operation and conflict resolution so that students can build positive peer relationships.

A daily fitness program, fruit breaks, healthy canteen choices, drinking water and regular exercise also form part of our commitment to student wellbeing. We are active participants in and around our local community, as we are involved in community service and local events.

Our students are involved in a variety of activities designed to make our school more sustainable by recycling, reducing waste, gardening and saving water and electricity. Students have ready access to class sets of laptop computers to enhance learning and technology skills.

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