St Patricks School, Koroit

Koroit – St Patrick’s Primary School

Address: Queen Street, Koroit VIC
Principal/s: Tegan McDonald
Phone: 0355658208
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Patrick's Primary School is in the parish of the Church of the Infant Jesus, Koroit. In 1867 Fr James Parle purchased the land where St Patrick's now stands. In 1907 the Sisters of the Good Samaritan arrived in Koroit and taught until 1987; today committed lay staff continue their work. St Patrick's is distinguished by our celebrations of prayer, liturgy and sacrament.

Teachers strive to meet the full range of needs of all the children within our learning groups. The teaching and learning of religious education permeates the fibre of all learning at St Patrick's in a contemporary, comprehensive curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on care for the individual through a comprehensive pastoral program.

We endeavour to inspire students with a sense of hope and confidence and provide a learning environment that is co-operative, relevant and active with a curriculum which enables each student to develop spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and culturally. We offer a comprehensive program across all the domains, with a strong commitment to children's literacy. In addition, our students enjoy well-developed playground facilities

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