Charlton – St Joseph’s Primary School

Address: 25 Watson Street, Charlton VIC
Principal/s: Mary Hogan
Phone: 0354911343
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is situated halfway between Melbourne and Mildura on the Calder Highway. The school originally opened in the church hall, in 1885. In 1924 the Sisters from Our Lady of the Missions from Perth arrived and took over the running of the school. They were replaced by the Sisters of Mercy from Ballarat in 1969. There are approximately 40 students currently enrolled at St Joseph's. It is anticipated that enrollment numbers will increase over the next few years.

St Joseph's School is a sign and expression of the faith and hopes of the local parish .The school has a pleasant, stimulating environment in which all children are encouraged to work with each other at their own level of achievement. Parents take great interest and participate fully in our school.

We have modern facilities where the wellbeing and safety of all students is paramount. The virtues of faith, loyalty, compassion and love underpin our code of behaviour.

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