Sacred Heart School, Casterton

Casterton – Sacred Heart Primary School

Address: 39 Robertson Street, Casterton VIC
Principal/s: Suzie McManus
Phone: 0355811131
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

Sacred Heart School is set in the rolling green hills of Casterton in the western district of Victoria close to the South Australian border.

The school prayer says, in part, 'we ask for your help in the way we treat others, the way we forgive and the way we consider those who need compassion and help'. It is a faith community with Jesus Christ as its foundation and inspiration, striving to provide excellence in education by offering an environment that nurtures and respects the dignity and individuality of each person.

The school is well-resourced and equipped, supported by a hard-working parent community and is committed to the development of the whole child-spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual. We interact on a regular basis with other schools in the district in different social and sporting activities.

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