St Marys School, Hamilton

Hamilton – St Mary’s Primary School

Address: 49 Hiller Lane, Hamilton VIC
Principal/s: Terrielynn Groves
Phone: 0355519000
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Mary's Primary School is a Catholic school located in Hamilton, western Victoria. St Mary's has a current enrolment of approximately 150 students from the surrounding parish and district.
At St Mary's there is a commitment to the development of the whole child: spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual. The school community promotes and strives for an environment where the educational needs of all children are met.

All members of our school are challenged to always have a go and to do their very best at whatever task they attempt. This challenge is closely related to learning but also considers the type of people we can be.

Learning activities are planned to cater for each individual child's learning needs while maximising the engagement of every student in being responsible and active learners.

St Mary's Primary School endeavours to offer a balanced curriculum where each child is encouraged to develop to their full potential in a caring and supportive environment. Underpinning everything that happens in our school is our commitment to making the presence of Jesus obvious to everyone who enters. We promote this in the way we treat each other, in our relationships and in the atmosphere of respect, co-operation and friendship which permeates throughout our daily activities.

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