St Josephs School, Coleraine

Coleraine – St Joseph’s Primary School

Address: 67 Read Street, Coleraine VIC
Principal/s: Karl Dwyer
Phone: 0355752131
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Joseph's is a small Catholic primary school set in the rolling green hills of Coleraine in the heart of the western district of Victoria. The sign at the front of the school says 'Our second home' and the school seeks to provide a family-type environment in a professional setting.

Our school prayer says, in part, that we 'respect each other and treat others as we would like to be treated'. The school builds on the excellent pastoral dimension that has built up over 75 years and emphasises the gospel values of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation in everything that we do. We also work focus on developing resilience in our pupils.

Due to the great work ethic of the parent community over seven decades, it is a well-resourced school that seeks to encourage and challenge pupils to reach their full potential. We interact on a regular basis with other schools in the district in different social and sporting activities.

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