Siena Catholic Primary School, Lucas

Lucas – Siena Catholic Primary School

Address: 150 Eleanor Drive, Lucas VIC
Principal/s: Chris Kavanagh
Phone: 0353343096
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

Siena Catholic Primary School is excited to open it's doors in 2017, starting with approximately 72 students from Prep/Foundation through to Year 6.

The name, logo and motto have all been created with the school community at the regular Community Dialogues held monthly throughtout the second half of 2016.

Our name was chosen first, from a range of suggestions made by parishioners and prospective members of the school community. The name "Siena" was a parish nomination, suggested to honour St. Catherine of Siena, who was born in 1347. St Catherine of Siena is a Doctor of the Church, and a strong woman who encouraged people to grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church.

St. Catherine of Siena demonstrated her commitment to the growth of others through her understanding of their needs, through mentoring and fostering the talents of others, and through nurturing and empowering those in her care. As such, she provides us, and the children who will attend our school, with an outstanding role model as we seek to develop a faith based, educational community, committed to excellence, in the suburb of Lucas.

The name, Siena, is also the source of the colour names given to the ochres which occurred naturally in this part of Italy. In our community consultation on uniform colours, orange polled strongly and so orange, together with cobalt blue, form the basis of our uniform colour scheme.

Further community dialogues resulted in the choice of our motto - Through learning we flourish - suggested by a member of our parent community, and the elements of our logo - a heart to represent the love St Catherine of Siena showed through her dedication to a life of service, a cross representing who we are as a Catholic community, and the eagle's wing, representing Bunjil and our indigenous heritage. A tree is also on our letterhead to represent the concept of flourishing, inherent in our motto.

Together with the support of our school and parish communities we hope that Siena will be a place where all of us can flourish.

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