St Johns School Dennington monkey bars

Dennington – St John’s Primary School

Address: 263 Russell Street, Dennington VIC
Principal/s: Ben van de Camp
Phone: 0355625362
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St John's Parish Primary is situated in the heart of the Dennington community. Since its humble beginnings in 1923, it has grown to an enrollment of around 180 children.

Driven by our dedication to the gospel values and faith, we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and inspiring place where we all love to learn, learn to love, learn to live and love to live. Our school is extremely well-resourced with excellent facilities and a dedicated team providing many opportunities for children to succeed and to prepare them for a future of life-long learning.

We have a very highly regarded information technology and communications program, early intervention and special needs programs and our community-wide integration program has made the school a real centre for the whole district.

Our student leadership structures and pastoral care programs are testimonial to our dedication to community wellbeing. St John's has recently completed development of a new state-of-the-art campus on a brand new green field site. This inspiring, exciting new school will better cater for the rapid expansion of the Dennington area and continue to enrich our Catholic learning community into the future.

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