St Brigid’s Primary School, Ballan

Ballan – St Brigid’s Primary School

Address: 98 Inglis Street, Ballan VIC
Principal/s: Jayne Bosworth
Phone: 0353681015
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Brigid's School is a small Catholic primary school with Prep to Year 6 classes, situated in the rural township of Ballan, approximately 20 minutes south-east of Ballarat along the Western Highway.

St Brigid's has an enrolment of approximately 120 students, divided into five learning groups. All areas of the curriculum are taught in exciting and innovative ways, with literacy and numeracy skills being the major focus. In a welcoming environment, the values of encouragement, respect, community, partnership and Gospel Values encompass every aspect of life at St Brigid's.

Clear communication between a child's first teacher and parents is a strength of the partnership that develops between school and home. As we endeavour to develop the needs of all children, they are given every opportunity to enjoy success, through such support programs such as Reading Recovery (Year 1), Extending Mathematics Understanding (Years 1-6), and Sustained Early Literacy Learning (Years 2-6) which are implemented by intervention teachers.

Sporting and social occasions are held regularly with other schools in the district, while local community events are well supported by St Brigid's School

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