St Marys School, Clarkes Hill

Clarkes Hill – St Mary’s Primary School

Address: 131 Powells Rd, Clarkes Hill VIC
Principal/s: Clare Scanlon
Phone: 0353345280
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Mary’s Primary School in Clarkes Hill is a small rural school located approximately 16 kilometres north east of Ballarat. It was founded over 70 years ago to provide Catholic education for the children of the farming community of Clarkes Hill and its surrounds.

The school provides opportunities to educate all children in a caring, happy and supportive environment in a spacious, picturesque country setting. St Mary's aims to create an atmosphere in which both children and staff grow and develop as a Christian community loved by God. We offer the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will enable the children to lead full Christian lives and be able to play an active role in their community. The staff aims to extend a sense of belonging and welcome within the wider community of home, school and parish by offering a broad curriculum in an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful.

St Mary’s is steeped in tradition and justifiably proud of its heritage with many of our children part of families that had their grandparents attend the school. The school encourages the participation of the parent body and acknowledges the supportive and dedicated commitment of families and the wider community. The school is moving forward into the future with a sense of optimism, knowing that the children who attend St Mary's are receiving a creative, sound education in a modern and well-resourced school.

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