Colac – St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Address: 15-27 Calvert Street, Colac VIC
Principal/s: Michael Mahoney
Phone: 0352313640
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Mary's Primary School, Colac, is situated on the edge of Lake Colac. It is a community comprising of over 200 children, under the care of a close, effective, professional team of teachers, aides and office administration.

The school provides an environment of positivity, openness and love where each child's innate creativity and ability to learn and grow is nurtured. St Mary's is a faith community with an important role in the faith development of the children within its care. The presence of God is celebrated as each child is supported to develop a relationship with God, self and others. We have a framework of established boundaries and routines which create a peaceful and just atmosphere allowing children to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

Our school nurtures enthusiasm for learning and discovery, where a comprehensive curriculum is the foundation of stimulating, well-resourced, educational programs preparing children for the 21st Century. Our parents are an integral part of the school, whether involved in policy formulation through the School Board, active participation within the classroom or through raising funds to resource our school.

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