Creswick – St Augustine’s Primary School

Address: 119 Napier Street, Creswick VIC
Principal/s: Michael Heenan
Phone: 0353452106
Governing Authority: DOBCEL

St Augustine's is a small Catholic primary school in Creswick, a part of the central highlands region of Victoria, with an enrollment of approximately 100 students. The school was established in 1855 to meet the needs of families during the Gold Rush and was originally staffed by lay people. From 1885 until the 1970s the school was staffed by various religious orders and is now fully staffed by lay teachers again.

We maintain a strong commitment to the local parish and the wider Church community. We strive to ensure that every child is embraced in a holistic education in which we are called to be living witnesses to the gospel values.

We provide a wide ranging curriculum that incorporates all areas of the VELS. We work seriously to ensure the wellbeing of our students both academically and socially and use the services of Centacare to assist in meeting the emotional needs of children. At St Augustine's we provide intensive support programs in such areas as Reading Recovery, Extending Mathematical Understanding and Sustained Early Literacy Learning.

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